Rosemary Essential Oil 2 Dram

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Possessing a fragrance that captures the essence of the herb that we all know and love, our rosemary essential oil is derived from the natural oils of that very same herb, leaving it not only with that delightful scent but with many of the same properties and powers that the herb possesses as well.As such, this makes it a fantastic addition to spells and rituals of remembrance, used to anoint ritual tools and candles to provide a boost to the memory.This can be particularly useful when mingled with spells involving dreams.Further, this oil also makes a great aid in spells and rituals when you are seeking a boost to your energy, physical, spiritual, or otherwise.In addition to these wonderful attributes, our rosemary oil is also frequently used in representation of the astrological signs of scorpio, sagittarius, and the element of earth, allowing you to draw the properties and powers of the element and signs into your ritual craft.This is a 2 dram bottle of pure essential oil for aroma-therapeutic use, for external use only.Made in usa.
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