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About Pure Modern Living

When I think back to the start of Pure Modern Living, I think of my mom and my grandma. They were both ahead of their time when it came to cleaner living. As a young child, they would take me to this tiny little health food store near our house. This humble little shop was selling natural products long before other companies joined the movement. The conversations in that tiny little health food store were the first times I remember hearing about eating healthier foods and avoiding harmful ingredients and chemicals. In a way, I like to think that little shop had a big effect on me.

But eating cleaner foods and using natural products is more than just a tagline or trend for me: it has real, life-changing effects on myself and my family. That same grandmother had serious health issues during my childhood. But, she didn’t let that get her down. She was determined to find a solution that worked for her. And that’s exactly what she did: she followed the research and adopted a natural diet to cure herself of those health issues. She inspired me to do the same years later while I was battling infertility and miscarriages. Today I have a beautiful loving family that I am immensely proud of, and I owe it to a more natural and healthier lifestyle.

These life-changing moments inspired me to start my own business. Before my second child was born I was working long hours for a well known architectural firm in the area as a licensed project architect. While I enjoyed the creative aspect of being an architect, the hours were difficult. It was preventing me from being the type of mother I wanted to be for my children. It always felt like something was missing.

My daughter was born premature after 8 weeks on bed rest, so as you can imagine, I had a lot of time on my hands to think! This is when Pure Modern Living began to take shape. I knew it was time for a change of pace, and that I would be starting something new and exciting. I took the experiences I had with natural products, my planning and developing skills from architecture, and my desire to help others to create Pure Modern Living!

Any big change can be intimidating, but I knew it was worth it. Not only was I more fulfilled, but it allowed me to be the type of mom I wanted to be for my kids. And most of all, I knew I was making a difference.

The best part of starting Pure Modern Living is the thousands of people we are able to help each month. Nothing makes me happier than hearing from customers that we have impacted their lives. Many may live in an area where they don’t have as much access to natural products or would have to drive several hours to get to a health food store. Pure Modern Living has solved this problem by making healthier living more accessible than ever.

I feel very fortunate to be of service to others with my business. As Pure Modern Living continues to grow, I hope that my journey of healthy living can continue to inspire and help others.

-Shannon Johnson, founder of Pure Modern Living