Featured Charity: Feeding America's Children

Featured Charity: Feeding America's Children

At Pure Modern Living, we make healthier, more natural living more accessible than ever. We believe it's better for ourselves, our families, our environment, and the world at large. But our goal to create a better tomorrow doesn't stop there. That's why we're currently donating to Feeding America's Children!

Feeding America's Children

One in five children goes to bed hungry every day in America. These children lack access to the means to get enough nutritious food regularly. Feeding America's Children is a non-profit organization fighting child hunger through multiple programs, donations, and sponsorships.

Their "Food Rescue Program" saves wasted food and provides meals for thousands of hungry children. So far, they have provided over two million meals for over two hundred and forty thousand children with the help of others. Their dedication to eliminating food waste keeps children from going hungry every day by utilizing the resources available. There is enough food to feed every child, and they are determined to make their vision a reality.

How It Works

Pure Modern Living is joining Feeding America's Children in the belief that no child should go hungry. If you donate $1 at checkout through our website, we will match it 200%. That means for every dollar you donate, we will donate two. Together, we believe we can make a difference in the lives of children.

For those looking to become further involved with their mission, there are also specific campaigns you can donate to or become a volunteer. All donations are 100% tax-deductible and make a real impact on child hunger.

Accessible Healthy Living

Pure Modern Living has everything you need for a healthier, more natural lifestyle. With everything from groceries to kitchenware, we provide the products you need right to your door. Browse our incredible selection today to get started!

Feb 5th 2022 Pure Modern Living

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