3 Must-Have Thanksgiving Themed Essential Oil Recipes

3 Must-Have Thanksgiving Themed Essential Oil Recipes

One of the best things about the holiday season is the smells! Just think about it…

Freshly baked pumpkin pies…

Crisp apples…

Spiced mulled cider…

A wood-burning fireplace…

Crunchy fall leaves…

...doesn’t just the thought of those things make you feel warm, cozy, and festive?

Sure, you could buy expensive candles to fill your home with these delicious smells. But, we recommend an alternative solution--using an essential oil diffuser.

Aside from smelling wondering, essential oils can help decrease stress, kill germs in the air, promote better focus, soothe nerves, and more!

To get started, you’ll need to purchase an oil diffuser and some oils--if you already have these items, then you’re ahead of the game!

(If you’re looking for an affordable diffuser, we recommend the Aura Cacia Diffuser.)

Once you have your materials, try out these three wonderful smelling oil recipes to keep your home smelling fresh and clean this Thanksgiving season, and beyond! 

Recipe #1 - Warm Pumpkin Pie

Who doesn’t like walking into a house that smells like warm pumpkin pie?

Use this recipe and you’ll trick everyone who steps foot in your door into thinking you’ve got a pie in the oven!

Mix together the following oils and start diffusing!

Essential oils:

  • 6 drops cinnamon leaf
  • 3 drops nutmeg
  • 3 drops ginger
  • 3 drops clove
  • 3 drops sweet orange
  • 2 drops cardamom
  • Recipe #2 - Hot Mulled Cider

    There’s nothing more delicious than a cup of hot mulled cider on a brisk fall night. Not to mention, the aroma making such a drink leaves behind.

    Of course, not all of us have the time to brew up a pot of mulled cider every day. But, that doesn’t mean your house can’t smell like you did!

    Use the following recipe to fill your home with the aroma of a fresh mulled cider.

    Essential Oils:

  • 5 drops ginger
  • 5 drops sweet orange
  • 2 drops cinnamon leaf
  • 2 drops star anise
  • Recipe #3 - Gingerbread Cookies

    Last but not least, there’s no scent more classic than the smell of grandma's homemade gingerbread cookies around the holiday season.

    Not only will your home smell great, but anyone who walks in the door will think you’ve been working hard in the kitchen crafting gingerbread men all day.

    The only drawback to this recipe--it may leave you hungry for cookies!

    Essential Oils:

  • 4 drops ginger
  • 3 drops clove
  • 2 drops nutmeg
  • 2 drops cinnamon leaf

    Instructions for All Recipes:

    Once you have your oil diffuser ready, simply add the number of essential oil drops to your diffuser according to each recipe and in no time your home will be smelling like the Fall holiday season!

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    We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday filled with love, laughter, and gratitude! 

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