5 Natural Solutions for Staying Healthy This Season

5 Natural Solutions for Staying Healthy This Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

...Until you get struck down by a nasty cold or flu virus. That really puts a damper on things, doesn’t it?

Germs are a real problem this time of year. Not only do germs seem to be everywhere, but you’re likely spending more and more time around larger groups of people who tend to pass germs around like crazy.

No one wants to miss out on any of the many festivities this season. So, our advice is to armor yourself against germs as best as you can--and thankfully there are many safe, natural ways to do just that!

Keep reading to check out our natural solutions for staying healthy this season! 

Solution #1 - Take a Probiotic

Did you know that a healthy gut system is vital for fending off germs?


Because your gut system helps control immune responses to viruses and bacteria. If your gut is irritated and inflamed due to poor nutrition and a poor balance of good bacteria, your immune system is going to have a harder time fighting off germs, resulting in you getting sick.

Of course, eating a gut-healthy diet or fruits and veggies is a great way to heal and nurture your gut health. However, to give your guy an extra boost, we recommend starting a probiotic that will directly deliver your gut the bacteria it needs to stay happy and balanced.

Check out our selection of probiotics here! 

Solution #2 - Essential Oils

Essential oils serve many purposes, from making your home smell good to reducing anxiety and preventing germs from spreading in your home.

That’s right--essential oils, especially when diffused in your home, can help kill airborne germs before having a chance to infect you and make you sick.

For this reason, we recommend you keep a steady flow of oil diffusing in your living area and bedroom.

Here are our favorite oils with antibacterial properties…

Solution #3 - Wash Your Hands

Yes, we know this one is an obvious solution to germ prevention.

However, we think it’s worth mentioning as many people go throughout their day without washing their hands--except for maybe after going to the bathroom.

The reality is that during this season, it’s important to wash your hands a lot more frequently.

Anytime you come home from going to the store, wash your hands.

Anytime you shake a hand as a business meeting or grab coffee with a friend, wash your hands.

Anytime you pick your kids up from school, make sure you wash your hands.

You get the idea!

And hey, if washing your hands constantly sounds like a burden to you, no problem. Grab a handy dandy bottle of hand sanitizer and disinfectant your hands on the go is a breeze! 

Solution #4 - Take a Vitamin D Supplement

When you think about vitamin D, you might think about the many benefits it provides when it comes to bone health.

While it’s true that vitamin D is good for bone health, it’s essential for immune support as well!

The reason: Vitamin D is an immune system modulator. This means it helps fight off infections and regulates autoimmunity.

There are two ways you can get vitamin D.

  1. If it’s still warm enough where you live, get outside and soak up a little sun. Just be careful of getting sunburnt as that can still happen during the winter months!
  2. Take a vitamin D supplement. We have multiple options you can check out here

Solution #5 - Add Ginger to Your Menu

Aside from being a tasty ingredient, ginger is a powerhouse root that can help keep you healthy all winter long.

How? Two major reasons.

First and foremost, ginger is a phenomenal anti-inflammatory! This property can help reduce inflammation in your gut. As we talked about earlier, a healthy gut system is more likely to help protect you from germs!

Second, ginger contains chemicals known as sesquiterpenes. These chemicals have been scientifically proven to fight rhinoviruses, the leading cause of the common cold.

Many people cook with ginger or sip a form of ginger tea. If you’re brave, you can also consume raw ginger--just make sure you do your research on how much is safe to eat!

We really hope that these suggestions will help keep you and your family safe and healthy this season.

Of course, it’s always important to talk to your family doctor before you try anything new--especially if you or a loved one has a history of being sick or is an infant/elder that might carry more risk going into the cold and flu season.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy year! 

Dec 11th 2019

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