5 Fall Skin Care Tips Soft, Healthy, Glowing Skin this Season

5 Fall Skin Care Tips Soft, Healthy, Glowing Skin this Season

All summer long you’ve had radiant glowing skin. But, now that the fall air is creeping in, you are suddenly noticing your skin becoming dry, cracked, and more difficult to manage.

The reality is that different seasons call for different skincare routines as changes in the weather can greatly impact our skins’ health.

Want to keep your skin soft and supple this fall but aren’t sure where to get started? Here are 5 fall skincare tips to ensure your skin stays beautiful and healthy this season!


It may seem like common sense, but moisturizing your face during the dryer months is key to keeping your skin hydrated and supple.

We highly suggest moisturizing your face every morning before you put any sort of makeup on. Believe it or not, moisturized skin actually holds product better than non-moisturized skin.

It’s also important to moisturize in the evening after you’ve washed your face. The reason--many facial cleansers tend to strip the oils from your face which can leave your skin parched.

If you don’t already have a quality moisturizer, we recommend Reviva Labs Protective Moisturizer. This product is perfect for both men and women, is made with natural ingredients, and is formulated with SPF 25 for extra skincare protection.

Check it out here!


When you think of getting a massage, a facial massage isn’t what comes to mind for most people. Yet, if you’re struggling with unhealthy skin, a facial massage might be just what you need.


When you massage the skin you encourage healthy blood flow. And, when you increase blood flow to your face, your skin cells get the nutrients they need to stay healthier, ensuring your skin stays vibrant!

The best don’t need to dish out $60 for a facial massage. Simply spend 10 minutes a night rubbing your face with your fingers or a facial roller.


It doesn’t matter how well you take care of your skin. Eventually, skin cells are going to die off, which often leads to dry flaky skin--especially in the cooler, dryer months.

The solution: Exfoliation.

It’s so important to remove the dead layers of skin from your face so that old skin cells don't clog your pores or cause rough patches of dry skin on your face.

A gentle exfoliating sugar scrub is a great way to safely remove the dead skin from your face.

Don’t have an exfoliating scrub in your skincare arsenal? Check out this luscious formula from The Seaweed Bath Co.

Use SunScreen

When the fall rolls around, many people find themselves throwing their sunscreen into the bathroom closet.

Don’t do this!

Sunscreen is just as important in the cooler months as it is during the summer! And it should be worn regularly while playing soccer, on hikes, picking pumpkins, sitting at a football game, or doing any of your favorite fall activities.

At the very least, we urge you to use a moisturizer or foundation that contains sunscreen.

Invest in a Humidifier

The reason our skin tends to suffer in the fall is that cooler temperatures begin to suck the moisture out of the air.

There’s nothing we can do to fix that problem outside. However, you can control the moisture levels in your home with a humidifier.

While it might seem like an odd part of your skincare routine, keeping a humidifier running in your home can help prevent your skin from getting too dried out.

Aside from skincare, humidifiers can also naturally…

  • Soothe dry eyes.
  • Prevent sore throats.
  • Help heal chapped lips.
  • Prevent bloody noses.
  • Reduce asthma and allergy symptoms.

The key to maintaining healthy skin during any season is staying on top of your skincare routine.

Follow the suggestions we’ve listed above, and you should be able to keep your facial skin radiant and glowing all season long!

Sep 23rd 2019

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