[Recipe] Broccoli Salad

[Recipe] Broccoli Salad

This broccoli salad recipe is the perfect nutrient packed dish!  It is quick and easy requiring no baking time.  Just chop, mix and serve!


1 head broccoli chopped

1 small red onion sliced

1/2 cup sunflower seeds

1 cup raisins or cran-raisins

5 slices cooked and crumbled bacon


Sliced cherry tomatoes

Sliced almonds


1 cup avocado or plain mayonnaise

2 tbsp. vinegar

2 tbsp. sugar

1/4 cup milk


Combine salad ingredients. 

Combine dressing ingredients. 

Pour over salad and mix well.

Serve right away or refrigerate overnight.

Photo Credit: ©Brent Hofacker - stock.adobe.com

Aug 14th 2019

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