[Recipe] Champagne Framboise

[Recipe] Champagne Framboise

Champagne Framboise is a delicious combination of raspberries and champagne that is sure to please this holiday season!  This makes a perfect drink recipe for holiday brunch as it is fun and festive.  Be sure to garnish with fresh raspberries to give the drink an elegant look!  Enjoy!

-Pure Modern Living


1 16-oz can whole raspberries in heavy syrup


Chilled Champagne


Divide raspberries and syrup among ice cube trays and freeze solidly. 

Place 1 cube in each of 8 Champagne or other stemmed glasses. 

Add 1 to 3 teaspoons Framboise to each glass and fill with Champagne. 

Serve immediately.

Photo Credit: © Irina Schmidt -

Dec 27th 2019

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