Safe, Natural DIY Paint Recipe for Kids

Safe, Natural DIY Paint Recipe for Kids

It’s been nearly a year since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit, and many of us are feeling the strain of being stuck at home in order to keep ourselves and our community safe.

While the pandemic has been hard on everyone, we know it’s been especially hard on parents with children who have been trapped inside with nowhere to go. Just think about dance classes, swim lessons, gymnastics, play groups, etc. It’s a recipe for bored kids and all of us parents know how restless kids can wreak havoc in your home.

While we can’t predict when things will go back to normal or offer babysitting services so you can regain your sanity, we can provide you with an activity to help keep your kiddos occupied, at least for a little while—DIY finger paint.

This 3-ingredient recipe is made with items found in most people’s pantry, so no need to make an unnecessary trip out to the store! Best of all, this finger paint recipe contains all non-toxic ingredients so you can feel good about what your children are literally sticking their hands into.

Here’s how it’s made…

DIY Finger Paint Recipe

Before you run out to the store to purchase paint, take a look in your pantry. If you have…

5 tbsp cornstarch


Food coloring have everything you need to make finger paint at home! 

How to Make Your DIY Finger Paint

Step 1: Grab a saucepan and add 5 tbsp of cornstarch into the pain.

Step 2: Mix in enough cold water to make a paste (toothpaste consistency!).

Step 3: Boil 1 cup of water, then add it into the saucepan. Turn the burner on low and stir until the mixture is a peanut butter texture.

Step 4: Portion out the mixture into individual bowls and stir in your desired amount of food coloring.

Step 5: Let the mixture cool. Once cool, you are ready to paint! 

Why Make Your Own Finger Paint at Home?

As a parent, we know that you already have a million things to do on your plate. Why add more to the list of everything you need to get done?

Our answer is simple: for the sake of your kids' health and wellbeing.

Sadly, a lot of store-bought paints are filled with chemicals and unfavorable ingredients—things you don’t want your child evidently ingesting when they decide to try a finger full of paint.

Even if your kid isn’t into taste-testing paint, the skin absorbs everything it touches so it’s best to opt for safe, non-toxic options!

This paint recipe is incredibly easy to make. And, once the paint is made, it can be stored in your refrigerator for a few weeks so it can be used at a later date.

From mixing the paint to actually creating a painted masterpiece, this activity is a great way to safely entertain your child and enjoy a fun afternoon together.

A Reminder to Shop Safely…

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Of course, we also have all the ingredients necessary to make this DIY finger paint.

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We continue to be thankful for your business and are looking forward to a better, healthier 2021! 

It’s that simple!

Best wishes,

-Pure Modern Living 

Feb 12th 2021 Pure Modern Living

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